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tonight in a join investigation by nbc bay area and knbc in los angeles, some say sexual assault and racism go unchecked. chief investigative report he tony kovaleski joins with us this eye-opening report. the whistle blowers reached out to the investigative unit. >> that's correct. they are telling their stories, frustrated with a lack of action inside the gates of the guard. nearly two dozen coming forward to expose what they say is the truth. >> i just want it to stop. >> she is a master sergeant service in the guard for a dozen years. >> i don't understand. i had faith in this organization. >> and she is a staff sergeant serving the military for two decades. they are part of the 23,000 men and women serving the california national guard.
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a vital reserve military force serving our country in critical times of need. >> sitting in that chair is against everything you've ever learned in the military. true? >> true. >> reporter: her story started with the simple opening of a dollar bill. >> one day i was cleaning out the box and i found nicely folded a dollar bill. i opened it up. and it had the word on it. >> reporter: she was checking money from the cash box of her informal snack bar. >> i opened it up. i saw what was on it. i asked questions about it. how dare they do this. and then one of my officers in my office, he came and took the dollar bill out of my hand and he changed the n to a b. >> why? >> reporter: in his interview he said to deescalate the issue. to calm me down. >> reporter: following the incident, she sent this e-mail over the one in her office. it included, i am requesting
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that such divisive and negative feelings be kept to yourself. five days later, another dollar bill. >> i open the bill and i discovered this one. folded in the same way that this one was. and it has [ bleep ] your mother on it. >> reporter: the guard investigated the dollar bill, disciplined one member but for the staff sergeant it failed to change the culture. >> i'm angry because they don't see my point of view. i'm angry because they don't think it is significant enough to make changes in the organization. and i just can't accept that. >> i don't know what else to do. >> reporter: the master sergeant also can't accept the way her leaders at the 129th rescue wing handled an attack she says happened to her in las vegas. she said it started after a member of the california guard walked h back to her hotel room. >> he pushed me down on my bed.
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>> reporter: she said it happened during a training mission back in 2007. >> and all the while i was telling him to stop. don't do it. i'm married. >> reporter: master sergeant brown said she immediately reported the sexual assault to her direct supervisor. now five years later -- >> i have no faith in the guard. none. >> reporter: she believes the national guard failed to properly investigate her sexual assault. >> reporter: is this exposing the dysfunction inside the guard? >> yes. >> reporter: brown says following the incident in las vegas, she returned to duty where she said she experienced sexual harassment and inappropriate touching. she said it continue for years. >> it is multiple things over and over again. >> reporter: why did you decide to get involved here? >> because i'm a commander. >> reporter: frustrated with the guard's lack of response to jessica brown's reports, lieutenant colonel david emory sent a years us of memos to commander baldwin, the
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commanding officer of the california guard. >> reporter: do you have any reason to doubt her statements? >> absolutely not. she is one of the finest ncos i've ever seen. >> reporter: in his memos he wrote no reported action has been taken against anyone in the chain of command regarding the numerous leadership and wingman failures. another memo included, i was the first commander to display any interest in her situation. >> reporter: for getting involved, were you retaliated against? >> absolutely. >> reporter: how many of you believe, show of hands now, you've been retaliated against for trying to do the right thing. >> i have. >> absolutely. >> several times. >> reporter: all nine of you. >> absolutely. >> reporter: our investigation included meetings and interviews with more than a dozen members of the guard. they say they've witnessed sam, racism, retaliation. >> is that part of the culture of the national guard? >> yes. >> reporter: what is the current reputation of the california national guard? >> it is not a good one. not a good reputation.
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it is not. >> reporter: chief warrant officer ronald petty is a decorated member of the oklahoma national guard. last year, he was one of two independent investigators sent to california to investigate problems. >> reading from your report, sexual harassment and hostile work environment is common place in the california national guard. >> that's what we got from everybody we talk to. that it was common place. >> reporter: we obtained a copy of the report. it states the california air national guard mediation process is seriously flawed. racial tension has been high since 2008. the n word and the f word are used daily and often. and failure to investigate complaints is common. in your decades of experience, have you ever seen anything like you found in california? >> no. no. i never found that many people who weren't getting resolution. >> i have a mandate from the
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governor to change the culter of the unit, the organization. >> reporter: he is the man involved in charged of the california national guard. how does major baldwin responsible to allegations from members of his guard exposing a culture of sexual harassment, racism and retaliation? we don't know because for three weeks, general baldwin has deflected, delayed, and on tuesday, finally declined our request for an interview. >> they like to keep this a dirty little secret. they like to keep it in the encloses wet the other skeletons. people are getting fed up. and it is time for change. >> reporter: late today the california national guard said it can't comment on the report co-authored by chief petty because it has not yet received that report. although for now, major general baldwin has declined our interview request, it is important to know we do intend to ask the tough questions to general baldwin in a public place in the weeks ahead.
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members of his guard clearly want answers and perhaps most important, resolution. coming up tomorrow, why this helicopter flight caught on tape going under the golden gate bridge takes us deep entire what members of the guard call a toxic and dysfunctional culture. we go deep entire what some are calling that culture. we'll have that for you tomorrow night. >> okay. thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit or tony kovaleski directly, give us a call or send us an e-mail. you see the information on your screen to the unit. new at 11:00, paranoid or really pursued? tonight prime minister in belize is asking that the silicon developer is wanted. mcafee claims he's been framed and he is refusing to come forward. tonight we hear him explain why in a just released phone interview with the associated press. >> to put myself in their hands
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i think is lunacy. i really do. what i can expect is that they will do what the jsu does. meet me soundly until i confess through a multitude of sins including the murder of jimmy hoffa. and then simply execute me. and the execution would be the preferred method here in belize. people die in prison constantly. >> reporter: mcafee created the mcafee anti-virus program but has led an eccentric life since he sold his stake in the country in the mid 90s. neighbors say he had an acrimonious relationship with that neighbor that was killed. >> we're hearing from sierra lamar's family about the new charges filed again her accused kidnapper and killer. we first broke the story last night. prosecutors charging antolin garcia torres in connection to three attempt kidnappings at morgan hill safeway stores in 2009. these are unrelated to the lamar
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case. he said he is glad the prosecutors filed the new charges and it could show a new pattern of behavior. ultimately he wants to find his daughter. >> the best thing about this is to bring it back into the spotlight a little bit and maybe it will give somebody some inspiration to come forward with something they know, call into the tip line. >> we've provided that tip line phone number on our website at just seventh sierra lamar's name on our home page shelf vanish in march. thieves robbed a family of more than just their prize possessions. >> there is no way to replace gus. only gus replaces gus. >> a family's desperate plea for a puppy with a special that you recall. there might be an app for it but is it legal? a bay area start-up might be forced to hit the brakes. why ride sharing is becoming so
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controversial. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. temperatures in the 50s across the south bay and into fremont. let's get a look. we are tracking two developing storms. the friday storm is just offshore. we'll let you know when those rain drops arrive.
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another home robbery on the peninsula. this time they are not too concerned about the jewelry and electronics that were stolen. what they really care about is their puppy. the thieves took off with their
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chocolate lab. nbc's george kiriyama talked with that family and joins us live. >> reporter: while redwood city police look for the burglars, the puppy's owners and their neighbors are canvassing the neighborhood looking for little gus and putting up these fliers. they're asking the thieves to return gus. no questions asked. >> we just want our puppy back. >> reporter: he is only 11 weeks old and weighs about 12 pounds. his name is gus. on monday, thieves stole this german short hair pointer mix during a break-in. >> i was sobbing. i was hysterical. i didn't trust myself to think straight. >> reporter: she came home from work. >> they walked in and went through this door. >> reporter: their other two dogs were still around but little gus is gone. >> the loss is our loss. gus is a special little guy and it men a lot to our family so we're hoping that he'll be able to come back. >> reporter: gus was meant to be a companion to the couple's 20-year-old daughter kate shelf has special needs and the two
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already created a strong bond. >> they didn't know our situation. they don't know about gus being close to or bonding with a special needs daughter. and just the importance of him to us. >> reporter: this is the third dognapping during a burglary in the bay area in the past month. in early okay, this 10-year-old san jose girl was reunited with her dog niko. they're hoping for the same happy ending. >> there is no way to replace gus. you cannot replace gus. only gus replaces gus. >> reporter: now, mike will be at woodside high school to ask help from the students there. again, there is a reward if you know anything, please call the redwood city police. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. a teacher claim she was let go because of her breast feeding schedule. sarah ann lewis boyle is suing the school where she worked and
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the carmel unified school distri district. she said she needed 50 minutes every morning so she could pump. she claim those needs weren't met. she said she later received a negative evaluation and was urged to resign. if you have a prius, you might have a problem. thousands of the toyota hybrids are being recalled. the recall involves 670,000 of its 2004 to 2009 models. all of the cars are being recalled because of metal used in the steering come opponent. it could wear out and cause steering problems. about half of those cars are also being recalled to replace faulty electric water pumps. toyota said it is not aware of any accidents in the united states related to this recall. new at 11:00, they act like taxis but they're not. and there in lies the problem with popular ride sharing apps. they are thousands of new users but they're also attracting state regulators who say they're
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illegal. nbc's bay area has more on one new start one that is navigating that roadblock. >> reporter: there are lots of choices when it come to getting around in the bay area. in san francisco, lift rolled into traffic in july. an on demand ride service. >> this is in many ways the evolution of a bulletin board ride board that existed on college campuses decades ago. >> reporter: the co-founder john zimmermaner added smart phone technology. now passengers are calling for rides, paying a suggested donation price. we're seeing thousands of rides in the community each week. >> reporter: lift is signing up dozens of drivers. regular folks like jennifer. when she's, she rolls up in her car sporting the signature, pitching mustache. >> i find the passengers are all really great people. i haven't given anyone a bad rating. that's part of the system. passengers rate you and you rate passengers. so there's some safety involved. >> reporter: she isn't the only one worried about safety. the california public utilities
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commission is zeroing in on ride share ams. issuing lift, uber and side car, cease and desist orders earlier this year. now aing a $20,000 fine for illegally operating. citing concerns about proper licensing and insurance. lift says it is following the rules. >> we have a million-dollar excess liability insurance that covers the individuals using our platform. the p.u.c. for the entities they do regulate has a requirement of $750,000. >> reporter: zimmer says list is not a taxi company. merely a platform that lets passenger and drivers connect so the regulations don't apply. drivers are put through dmv and criminal background checks. >> they've been really innovative and i don't know that they want to be punished for that. that doesn't seem right. >> reporter: it may be a bumpy road ahead. now tonight, lift says it is
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appealing the fine and it is in talks with members of the cpuc. in the meantime, it says it will continue to operate. recording live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we have a developing story on the cal campus. uc police found a man's body on grizzly peek boulevard. this was a live picture. where investigators are on the scene. the daily california and the school newspaper is reporting it could be a hiker reported missing earlier this evening. the campus officials have not released a statement but it does not appear he was a student. we have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you new information when we get it into our newsroom. >> let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff says we'll need the rain and the umbrella. >> we'll be finding some rain drops as early as tomorrow night from two different storm systems in the next few days. that brings us to the other question. we thought we would look at how unusual it is to get rain like we'll see in the next couple days this time of year.
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you can see never 2009, 2010 and also 2011 we typically trend two to four rain this same exact time of the month. not too unusual, what we'll be getting. there will be a few characteristics you'll want to pay attention to. right now, plenty of 40s in the north bay. let's take you to that sky camera network. in san jose, we have clear skies, a little cloud cover in the morning and then as we mentioned, that rainfall coming our way. let's get you back into the weather boards. it is not one storm system but two different storms are tracking out here in the pacific. the first one on friday. the second storm system will be on sunday. and the thing about both these storm systems, a decent amount of moisture and they'll come in quick succession. we cannot even rule out a little flooding concerns as we head into this upcoming forecast. let's go to tomorrow. we'll eek out a little sunshine. the earlier you get up and out, the temperature in the 60s and 70s for those interior valleys.
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and it will be cooler on thursday. as we head throughout friday, it rain will arrive. for tomorrow morning, it is mainly cloud cover that will be building at eight clog a.m. into the north bay, the east bay, the south bay. a few showers possible. you can see our models have really started to back off on this. we don't expect major widespread rainfall for tomorrow night. but as we head into friday morning, we'll see more consistent rainfall up into the north bay, peninsula, also down into the south bay and as jessica mentioned, the umbrella and the boots handy. we'll keep that chance of rain handy throughout the entire day as we round pout workweek. here's what you need to know. as we head throughout the first storm system. winds 15 to 30 miles an hour. that second storm on sunday, that the santa cruz mountains could see one to three inches. and across thor isser is, an huge snow maker.
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that snow level staying high at about 6,000 feet. 30s and low 40s but not as cold as it was earlier this week. the temperatures will go into thursday. don't forget, this saturday we'll be in the safeway stores. you buy these $10 bags and it help to go toward our annual four-day food drive. a chance of thunderstorms on saturday in between storm systems. by sunday we get that second system moving in with more rain coming our way. a few showers on monday for that 49ers game on the nfl on nbc monday night. all right. then a little sun there on tuesday. >> that's impressive. i think i missed up the words. >> we do sunday night. you just awarded nfl monday night football. >> his heart is in the right place. >> the 49ers are playing monday. >>? they are playing monday night. but it is on -- >> something else. >> espn. >> this is all bad.
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>> his heart is in the right spot. >> are we ready for football? the celebrity chef gets burned by the new york timesnaƧ coming up, the scathing reviews.
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have you read it yet? >> no. >> guy is on the wrong end of a review. here's a clue. they didn't like his new restaurant in new york. >> they gave american kitchen and bar zero stars. the article took the form of an open letter to him. here's a sample of the beating the restaurant takes. hey, did you try that blue drink? the one that glows like nuclear waste? the watermelon margarita? any idea why it tastes like some combination of radiator fluid and formaldehyde. >> he plans to respond. we'll hear from him on the "today" show tomorrow morning. you can see it here on nbc bay
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area at 7:00 a.m. >> they called it inedible. >> it can't be that bad. let's bring in dave from the comcast sportsnet newsroom. >> coming up in sports, alex smith is back and he is going on play, we think. why he was protected today. he was wearing black. that was a good thing. the warriors and the high flying tilt with atlantic.
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the warriors rookie harrison barnes had his best game as a pro. he made a lot of minutes and made the most of them. and as a result, the atlantic hawks had some issues. hall of fame night at oracle honoring the great don nelson. pick it up in the third quarter. the warriors up by 4. klay thompson misses.
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harrison barnes does not. he had 19 points and 13 boards. fourth quarter. the warriors up 4. curry with the give and go. warriors finished with a win, 92-88. >> we had the opportunity to come out and protect home court. atlantic just came off a great win in portland. this is a big one for us before we start this three-game road trip. we got this win and it felt good going on the road. >> if you're a gambling man, bet on alex smith to tart this monday night against the chicago bears. the 49ers' quarterback has been cleared to take part in the limited practice. smift smith was wearing a black jersey today to signify, don't touch him. he is off limits. he can'tlet get hits yet but he can talk to us. >> i feel good. just going along the process right now. nothing has been decided. this is a long process.
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it is up to the doctors. kind of doing what they tell me and moving along. >> she won gold four time in london so it is only fitting she'll be a golden bear. 17-year-old missy franklin signed a letter of intent wednesday to swim for cal starting next september. her plan is to swim collegiately for two years and then turn pro before the 2016 olympics. >> i'm so excited! oh, my gosh. i can't wait. i wanted to go to cal for so long and it was definitely a hard he decision than i thought it would be with my schools at the other schools i look at. after all the talking with my parents and with all the coaches, i knew i was meant to be at cal and i can't believe i get the opportunity to go there. >> that is one girl that is excited to go to college. i'm dave feldman. back with more of the news after this.
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>> the crabs are in the water. in have the fishermen hit the nets to drop their nets. tomorrow they'll start pulling up their pots. the fresh crab will arrive in stor stores next friday. it is a local tradition for all of us here in the bay area for thanksgiving. jeff. >> does this mean the whole newsroom or just, i can't just get it for the two of you? >> the volunteers, everyone. with the drawn butter and a lot of napkins. >> whenever you can get it. >> i'll get all mier is vanly s set it up. a chance of storms saturday and sunday and even more rain. we could see totals range from a half inch to an inch and a half down to the valley floor. a decent soaking for us.
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we'll be watching that. >> and you'll to have stay home and have crab. >> @jeff ranieri twitter.
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when we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule.
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